UPDATED With Trailer! Legends of Tomorrow Revealed! White Canary Shown, Vandal Savage Announced


Based on Tweets from those at the CW TV Upfronts today, Vandal Savage will be the villain (as many of you guessed correctly upon hearing the synopsis), and perhaps is the third DC character never-before-seen in live-action that we were told about a while back. A new trailer that reveals Hawkgirl flying and Atom shrinking was shown, and will be revealed during next week’s The Flash IS ONLINE NOW AND POSTED BELOW! Damn, it’s pretty epic.

And Caity Lotz is playing White Canary, who was a different character in the comics – it’s yet to be seen how they handle that here. It’s a ballsy move all-around – a show that will obviously have to be effects-heavy based on characters who haven’t really been mainstream-recognized before (again, as you can see it is not the Hawkgirl we generally think of).

Meanwhile, in the movies, I imagine ten more Batman films are being planned.

UPDATE: via Pop Critica, a featurette has surfaced online. See below.