Movies That Look Better than G.I. Joe Part 54: Ninja Assassin

I’m a bit late to the game with trailer, despite the fact it’s produced by the Wachowski brothers (or the Wachowski brother and Wachowski sister, if the rumors are true). It looks like an old-school ninja movie which even boldly casts an Asian in the title role… although purists might object to him being Korean pop star Rain (of Speed Racer fame) instead of, you know, Japanese, since ninjas come from Japan and all. Baby steps, people, baby steps. The ninjas of the ’80s were white men; in 2009, we have a generically Asian ninja. Come 2040 or so, we’ll have Japanese ninjas star in our ninja movies. Or we’ll all have been eaten by those corpse-gobbling robots anayways and won’t care.