SDCC: Green Hornet’s Car and Avatar’s Mech


 You guys were right; the Green Hornet-mobile was revealed last night, just later than when I saw it. It’s an old-style Cadillac (or something similar) with machine guns. I’m exactly the same amount of excited about the Green Hornet movie now than I was before I had seen the car. Just sayin’.


 More impressive is this massive mech from Avatar shown at the Mattel booth, since they have the toy rights. It’s impressive in that it’s big and mech-y, but… I don’t know. I mean, I know everyone’s freak out about Avatar because it’s James Cameron’s new film. And I’ll agree that Cameron films spectacle better than any man alive (obviously including Bay), but without brutally sacrificing story and coherency. I’m down with that. I just think this mech looks like something from the cover of 60% of all mediocre science ficition books written in the ’90s. I’m sure the movie will all blow our minds out the back of our skulls when it comes out, but… yeah. It’s a mech.