Uwe Boll Finally Realizes That Nobody Wants Him Making Movies; Gets Mad


For a guy who used to fund his movies based on a loophole in German tax law, literally punched his critics in the face, and has actively trolled the people who watch his movies by implying he funds them with Nazi gold, Uwe Boll sure seems thin-skinned. And shocked, SHOCKED by the realization that when he asks audiences for donations to fund his movies via Kickstarter or Indiegogo, nobody actually wants to.

Well, it finally sunk in. And in the video below, in which he appears to promise he’s done with Hollywood – as if it’s a threat, somehow – he also takes time out to insult movies about wizards in forests (he presumably means The Hobbit, though his own In the Name of the King qualifies), call Marvel movies “retarded,” and insist that he has enough money to play golf for the rest of his life and he doesn’t NEED to make movies, he just wanted to…for YOU!

But you failed him by wanting movies that don’t suck. And now you “can fuck their mothers incl. KICKSTARTER and all the idiots who talked me into bullshit like this.”

(an embryonic form of this post appeared in comments on the Weekend Thread)