Plan 9 Just Might Work This Time

If you told me the remake of Ed Wood’s seminally horrible Plan 9 from Outer Space might not be that bad, I’d have hit you. Inevitably, I would have caused more damage to myself, and you’d have hit me back, far more successfully, and I’d have instantly crumpled to the ground, crying. But that’s neither here nor there. Because the teaser trailer for Plan 9 (that’s the name of the remake) has come out and maybe I’m just losing my edge, but I think I dig it.

Normally, these remakes of crappy ’50s B-movies (Ed Wood aside) is that they’re played too straight and are those just as dull as the originals, or played too much for laughs, and aren’t funny, and are dull in a whole new way than the original. This… this is somehow good and terrible at the same time. Really, I feel like these guys are making the movie Ed Wood saw in his head when he was making Plan 9 from Outer Space. That doesn’t mean it’ll have a coherent plot, decent dialogue or even be a good movie, but it might have all the horror and suspense and drama that Wood thought he was packing into each of Plan 9‘s single takes. It’s a very line, but I think these guys might pull it off. We’ll see. IN THE FUTURE.