SDCC: Iron Man Anime Will Blow Your @#$%ing Mind, Wolverine Less So

Hey Halo — this is how you do an anime adaptation. You crank up the awesome all the way, then you twist the knob so hard it breaks. And then you pick your skull out of the wall behind you, because it’s been blown clean out the back of your skull.

In less exciting news, the trailer for the Wolverine anime was also revealed, and… well… he has a mullet. A really, really large mullet. Now, writer Warren Ellis says the anime is just a test, and won’t be used — apparently the series will actually be an expanded version of the ’80s Wolverine comic when Logan was living in Japan and fucking with ninja (metaphorically and literally) by Chris Claremont. Frankly, if Iron Man going to be that good, I don’t give a shit about the Wolverine anime.