SDCC: My Paycheck Goes Straight to Mattel




I really want to talk a lot more about Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Classic line, which they announced a fuck-ton of news this morning, but I’m kind of in a rush. So here’s the short version which lists the upcoming toys:

Top, left to right: He-Man re-release with 2002 power sword, a Zodak re-release with 2002 paint job, Scare Glow (who really glows in the dark), King Randor, the Green Goddess (a Teela re-release, natch).

Bottom, l-to-r: Adora (!!!), Battle Armor He-Man (the chest plates are swappable, but don’t have the original action feature, Trap-Jaw (one figure with alternate head and arm), Moss Man (with new head and Beast-Man-style head) and Wun-Dar, the legendary wonder Bread He-Man, who will be available to 2010 MOTUC subscriptiuon members and will actually come with a loaf of bread.

And that doesn’t even count Battle Cat, who will be available for $30 in 2010. I’ve got a lot more to say about these guys and the other Mattel toys, but know this — the fact that I’ll be owning an Adora figure delights me to the core of my being. She was always my childhood crush — much, much sexier than She-Ra. I may have to buy two, frankly. Just in case.