ThunderCats HOOOOooold On, Who Has the Toy License?


Bandai. Bandai does. I know I said just yesterday that Mattel almost certainly had it, but that’s what I get for assuming (I make an “as” out of “sume”). I guess I should’ve seen the possibility; other than Power Rangers, Bandai has been desperate for a boys’ toy hit for years now, and they’ve certainly partnered with WB Animation — mainly on the non-DC properties — in the past. It makes sense they’d be desperate to snag ThunderCats.

So here’s my worry: First of all, other than Power Rangers, Bandai often makes shitty toys. That’s why they’ve been getting their asses handed to them by Hasbro and Mattel for so long. Second of all, this is going to be a toyline that is almost entirely nostalgia fueled. Maybe kids will get into the cartoon and the toys, but there’s no guarantee. I promise you Bandai going to be making toys for kids who most likely couldn’t give a shit about some ancient cartoon or its toys, and ignoring all the older nerds like ourselves who will be the people buying these things. Bandai could have a hit collector line, but instead it’s going to have a massively disappointing kids’ line and lose a bundle. Just like Mattel did with the 2002 Masters of the Universe toys. Although, clearly, I could be wrong. (Via ToyNewsI)