Your Topless Robot SDCC Schedule and Announcements


I got some news, people, so listen up. I am indeed traveling to San Diego Comic Con, not only to cover the show for you rowdy nerds on Topless Robot, but to cover the anime toy goodness for my pals over at Anime News Network. As you might guess, this does not ensure a regular posting schedule. In fact, given that I have no idea how well the San Diego Convention Center free wireless will hold up — or how many panels I’ll actually get into — or if the cast and crew of Heroes will recognize me and beat me to death for the live-blogs — I only have the vaguest idea of when or how much I’ll be posting. Here’s that vague idea:

? Wednesday the 22nd — Flying to San Diego. A Daily List, but no articles. Unless I see something crazy. Maybe.
? Thursday the 23rd — Posting as much nerdiness as possible. Not sure how much that is, but there we go.
? Friday the 24th — Posting.
? Saturday the 25th — Posting, but no Daily List. It’s a Saturday, for goodness sake.
? Sunday the 26th — Flying back to TR HQ. I’ll do one SDCC wrap-up of the big news, probably, late in the evening.
? Monday the 27th — Off. Letting my body, soul and liver recover.
? Tuesday the 28th — Back in action.

But that’s not all! On Friday night at 10pm PST, I’ll be holding the first ever Topless Robot meet up at an Irish pub called The Field (a few blocks from the con, visit the site for the address). I’ll be giving TR shirts and stickers, without all those pesky contests you have to win. Depending on how many people come, I might — stress might — be able to buy around for my loyal readers, so if you’d give me a show of hands/comments if you’re planning on coming, it’d be much appreciated. I’m very much looking forward to meet some of you guys and letting you buy me drinks until I vomit all over myself, Adama-style, and you all lose all respect and interest in me. Whee!