A Moment of TR Self-Pleasure… and Nerd-Craft

Sarah Jane is my new hero. And I’m not talking about the Doctor Who lady with all the adventures. I’m talking about the Sarah Jane who has made a real contribution to nerd culture… namely by embroidering the Topless Robot, complete with logo, as part of her Nerd Crafts project. It. Is. AWESOME.



looooove TR in this house, you will often hear “check TR yet today? oh,
you haaaaave to!” I may have made my way through an entire
Transformers:ROTF with only TR as my source material.

little known fact: Rob and I both have Star Wars collections in
storage, though for different reasons…not that I listened to that
interview podcast or anything)

OK…onto the project…
I used the TR twitter avatar and t-shirt design for this pattern.
It seemed like it took forever to see any real progress, let alone finish!
Yes, I can point out every single flaw, but I won’t. This was really hard, and I still feel like it came out really well.
remember Hoax calling home to see what I wanted for dinner one
night…the only really intelligible thing that came out was an
exhausted “I hate topless robot”…the rest was gibberish. I don’t hate
him, but I AM glad to be done!

You better believe Sarah’s getting a TR shirt sent for her troubles, and joining the highest ranks of the Topless Roboteers (an unofficial group which unfortunately means nothing except that I expect to be able to crash at their homes when inebriated). Thanks Sarah. Your awesomeness is much, much appreciated.