Clark’s New Matrix Rip-Off Superman Suit Revealed


Ugh. Entertainment Weekly has a new promo video for the ninth season of the interminable Smallville. Apparently it has some shots of Zod and maybe Metallo, but since they just look like all the other shitty 20-something actors the CW hires for everything, I can’t tell which is which and can’t find them interesting in any degree. What is noteworthy is that the promo has a good look at Clark Kent’s Superman costume (the pic very helpfully taken by Robot 6) which looks nothing like the normal Superman costume, because… er… the blue and red tights superman’s been wearing for the last 70 or so years would look silly, but an all-black outfit with black leather trenchcoat taken right out of the Matrix, a film that entered the public consciousness a decade ago, and became trite shortly therafter.

I’ve not had a lot of feelings for Smallville over the years, one way or another, but this… this sucks on toast. It’s a good thing he didn’t wear this get-up when Smallville was actually set in Smallville, because then every episode would have been about Lana, Lex and Chloe wondering when Clark was going to shoot up the high school.