DVD Day: August 18th, 2009


?? The Last Starfighter: 25th Anniversary Edition
Other than getting remastered and a few extra meager bonus features, I’m not sure why you should buy this DVD if you have the previous one. One that it might infinitesimally help your odds at getting picked up by aliens for your videogame skills. At the very least it can’t hurt, right?

? The Simpsons: Complete 12th Season
I haven’t watched The Simpsons in forever, but I’m pretty sure the 12th season is way past the good stretch. You can pick the set up in one of those obnoxious character-shaped tins (this one is Comic Book Guy) that always end up looking so terrible on your DVD shelf, if you’re so inclined.

? Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho Collection
Three DVD set with The H-Man, Battle in Outer Space and Mothra including both their Japanese and U.S. versions. Not terrible for $19.

? Death Note 3: L, Change the World
So the Death Note manga becomes so popular that it spins off into a terrific anime series, which spins off into a mediocre live-action movie series, which spins-off into this side movie starring the dude who played L. That’s a lot of spin-off. I’m going to watch it, because I’m pretty much that stupid.

? The Adventures of Tintin
I had utterly forgotten that a HBO used to air a Tintin cartoon. I assume that Canadians and your Europe-type people remember it fondly and are super excited about two box sets of five DVDs each full of Tintin cartoons. I remain empty inside.

? The Five Deadly Venoms
Not so most “the” five deadly venoms as “a group of” deadly venoms. Actually, this is Crippled Warriors, in which a bunch of handicapped martial artists beat the hell out of some bad guys. It’s not bad, but it’s also not Five Deadly Venoms, despite what the new title implies.