DVD Day: August 25th, 2009


?Look, there’s not much coming out DVD-wise, but remember, the Batman: Arkham Asylum game is coming out today. You should totally buy that instead. If you have to buy a DVD, these are your options.

? Smallville Season 8
Yeah. This is the week’s biggest release. At least it doesn’t feature any black leather trenchcoats (that I know of).

? Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1
Alas, it’s only four episodes: Rise of the Blue Beetle!, Terror on Dinosaur Island!, Evil Under the Sea!, Invasion of the Secret Santas! Wait for the inevitable complete season set, if you can.

? Patton Oswalt’s My Weakness Is Strong
His new comedy special. Not that Smallville isn’t pretty boring, but My Weakness Is Strong would be the pic in this article anyways because it’s making fun of Jack Chick tracts. Awesome.

? Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series
A re-release of the complete set put out by the defunct BCI, but it’s only $14. I felt that was worth noting.

? Merlin and the Book of Beasts
Uh, this is apparently a movie where Gaius Balthar plays Merlin in post-Arthur Camelot and fights a bunch of mythical monsters. Where the hell did it come from? Is it a Syfy movie or something? Is it good? Probably not, but is it so bad it’s good? Anyone know?

? Onechanbara
A Japanese movie based on a game where a girl wearing a a bikini and a cowboy hat kills zombies — and it still looks so bad even I can’t muster the willpower to see it.

? Fighting
Can’t get enough of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra‘s charismatic Channing Tatum? Buy this movie about fighting called “Fighting.” Also, I hate you.