Looks Like Cloverfield 2 Is On the Way

Well, watch the video and you tell me. It semi-clearly has a “Cloverfield” street sign in there, it’s a big clusterfuck of jumbled images and nonsense, there’s a thing that looks like a giant monster in general and the Cloverfield monster in specific (in blurry specific, but specific nonetheless) and it is exactly the type of messy, viral nonsense they used to market the first movie. So I’m saying it’s real; although I admit I don’t have the ability to conceive why someone would spend so much time to create gibberish like this unless they were getting to do so. However, in the end, the video might as well be real, because it’s marketing a Cloverfield sequel just as effectively as one planned by any PR team. So the better question is if there’s actually going to be a Cloverfield 2 movie to follow this video up. (Via FilmDrunk)