Stop Playing Homework and Do Your Video Games (A Videogame Quintet)

Anyone order a huge pile of awesomeness to start the week off? Because this video is seven minutes of incredibly nerdy awesomeness.

A live performance for Seattle’s Marrowstone in the City program. The music was arranged by the genius Lennart Jansson (Link) and myself (Ash Ketchum). I choreographed all the extra bits behind us as we play as well as sang the Halo theme, of course. The Tetris bit is a tribute to the old a capella group that did game themes. Lennart is playing an ocarina there, and I’m drumming the top of my violin. Hope you enjoy.

My personal favorite bit of music is at 3:48. Kirby FTW.

Yes, it’s another videogame music concert performance, but goddamn if these kids aren’t exceedingly talented — they’ve created an absolutely gorgeous arrangement. It just sounds terrific, and the fact that they’re so young only makes it more impressive. Much thanks to Gen and everyone else who sent this tip in.