The Future Is Now, Part 2 — Want a Soda?

I was impressed enough with the automatic pancake maker, honestly. But a Coke machine that distribute more than 100 different sodas in one machine that takes up the same space as a regular soda fountain? That’s awesome even if you’re not a soda fiend like myself (seriously, I have to try every new flavor I see, whether I think I’ll like it or not. It’s just what I do). Unfortunately, these machines only seem to be in about 10 Jack-in-the-Box chains, possibly in Atlanta, at the moment, but as happy is it makes these dudes, I can’t imagine Coke won’t want to roll them them out across the nation ASAP. And I will try all 100 goddamn flavors. And my teeth will utterly rot away. But at least I know what peach Sprite will taste like. Thanks to Nytetrayn and the lovely Ms. Robot for the tip. (Via Consumerist)