Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Robear, the Robot Teddy Bear Nurse


…or, as they say in Japan, “High-performance robot to perform the heavy lifting while contact soft with people” (really, they do).

The tactile sensors are based on auto parts maker Sumitomo Riko’s Smart Rubber, a flexible rubber sensor that can measure pressure and deformation.

Honestly, given that this is Japan we’re talking about, I’m impressed the first time I’ve heard of such a product is in such a relatively sanitary context.

“The polar cub-like look is aimed at radiating an atmosphere of strength, geniality and cleanliness at the same time,” research leader Toshiharu Mukai said.

“We voted for this design among options presented by our designer. We hope to commercialise the robot in the not too distant future.”

Aha. I dread to think what those other options might have been.

What kind of animal face would you prefer your robot-nurse to have? And please note that I said FACE. Her eyes are up there.

h/t Gallen_Dugall