The Galaxy’s “Time Out” Ends on October 2nd

Because that’s when the Clone Wars start back up. The show — which some nerds say has been growing on them but I still refuse to watch because I’m an enormous bitch plus the character intentionally look like wooden puppets from the ’50s — will begin its second season on October 2nd at 8pm on Cartoon Network, although that last part shouldn’t be any surprise to anybody. Apparently, the title for the season is “Rise of the Bounty Hunters,” which should be reasonably groovy, as the best part of the first season was probably Cad Bane, the bad-ass bounty hunter introduced in the video above. Of course, it might be mentioned that the Star Wars prequel universe never lacked for awesome villains* — it just refused to let them stick around for more than five minutes to be awesome before ditching them for another cool villain*.

* This does not include General Grievous, because he sucked ass. Well, the movie one did. The one in the cartoon Clone Wars was fucking terrifying.