U2 Still Being Incredibly Pompous About the Doomed Spider-Man Musical

u2 spiderman.jpg

?Arrgh. Fmmmmfph. Blugh.

U2‘s Bono and the
Edge have spoken about their forthcoming Spider-Man musical, starring a
reimagined “slacker” Peter Parker. “It’s not a straight take on the
myth,” the duo told BBC Radio 1. Oh, and don’t call it a musical.

“We don’t really like musicals,”
the Edge said. “Most musicals are really pants. They’re really not very
cool.” Instead, they suggest people use a much more cool term: opera.
“It touches on opera, it touches on rock’n’roll … It is much more
like opera than a straight musical.”…

made one rule for ourselves,” the Edge said. “That we would never have
Spider-Man singing. A guy singing in tights can’t happen.” That’s not
the case for love-interest Mary Jane, to be played by Evan Rachel Wood,
or for the “extraordinary” – and as-yet unannounced – female villain.
But even if Spider-Man might not be singing, it seems likely his alter
ego, Peter Parker, will warble a rock aria or two. And yet theirs is
not the typical Peter Parker, according to Bono. Parker “[is]not
[quite]Kurt Cobain, but a kind of slacker, a more kind of shy sort of
guy,” he said. (Via Guardian)

So much… pretentiousness…. overbearing… neck tensing… gritting teeth… Peter Parker is not Kurt cobain… eyes filling with blood… band too stupid to realize the musical is beyond over-budget… rage… rage…. RAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEEE