Wolverine 2: Trouble in Tokyo Is Go


?Like so many other big movies this summer, critics mostly hated the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, but it still made hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, the money is what determines the sequel, so it should be no surprise that Hugh Jackman mentioned a sequel was already in early development at the Teen Choice Awards (where nerds go for news that matters). As has been discussed, the movie will focus at least vaguely on Frank Miller’s Wolverine run of the ’80s, where he’s hanging out in Japan and loving Mariko and dicking around with ninja.

Given the fact that the first wolverine movie didn’t even bother to work with the very limited continuity of the previous X-Men movies and did fine, there’s no reason to expect that Wolverine 2 will actually adhere to the comics or the movies. And yet I remain hopeful. With Wolverine’s origin out of the way, there’s nothing that Hollywood should feel the need to force into it, and thus maybe, they’ll stick to the comics rather than try to think up something on their own. At the very least, there’s no writers’ strike this time, so perhaps they can hire someone who can avoid writing an incoherent mess. Hope springs eternal, just like Logan’s adamantium claws, I suppose. (Via io9)