7 Minutes of Final Fantasy XIII Awesomeness, Dullness, and High-Pitched Japanese Voices

Seeing as FFXIII is finally, finally going to be released in Japan at the end of this year, Square Enix released a new, lengthy trailer at this weekend’s Tokyo Game Show. Obviously, I’m delirious with joy, especially over the sharp-looking combat, and the Summons turning into shit like motorcycles and racecars and stuff, but even I have to admit after the mid-point, it’s just a bunch of people talking in Japanese. That wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for that one extra huge-eyed little girl who sounds like Rocky the Squirrel on helium, and I could even deal with her — I’ve been dealing with her and her brethren in my Japanese entertainment for years — if she didn’t appear to be in every friggin’ scene in the damn game.

Oh well. In all honesty, I had a stomach ache this morning, then I watched this FFXIII trailer and it went away. Suffice to say, I’m still pretty excited for the game.