A Deadman Movie? Oh, for F#$k’s Sake


?From Variety:

Danish helmer Nikolaj Arcel is on tap to bring “Deadman” to life for Warner Bros. with Guillermo del Toro, Angry Films’ Don Murphy and Murphy‘s partner Susan Montford producing the DC Comics adaptation. …

Warner Bros. set up the project three years ago as a potential directing vehicle for del Toro, with Gary Dauberman penning the adaptation (Daily Variety, Dec. 4, 2006).

God fucking dammit. There’s no way this is happening. First of all, Deadman. If Warner Bros./DC manages to make a Deadman film of any quality before either a single Wonder Woman flick or a decent, modern Superman movie, I will throw away my comics, sell my toys on eBay, trash my videogames, and turn in my nerd card BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS RIDICULOUS Second of all, I understand del Toro isn’t directing this personally, but I honestly just think he and Robert Rodriguez are in some kind of private race to see who can amass the most “in-production” movies at one time. More than half will never see in the inside of a movie theater, which is probably for the best.

Question, DC fans: Are you excited by the idea of a Deadman movie, or it is just a massive slap in the face to get this and Jonah Hex instead of DC’s top-tier characters? Are you happy with the scraps, or does it just remind you of the feast you could be having that DC/Warner Bros. won’t serve you? And most of all, do you hope the same paralyzing nonsense happens to Disney-Marvel, or would you not wish your fate on even the Marvel zombies? (Via The Nerdy Bird)