Amazon Likes Money, But Only a Little Bit


Even if you’re in the minority who didn’t like the movie, we all expect the new Star Trek movie to do pretty well on DVD and Blu-ray, right? Right. Well, as is not at all unusual with these bigger releases, Amazon is doing a special edition gift set — it’s the 3-disc Blu-ray, but with the all metal n’ chrome Enterprise replica seen above. Now, here’s the weird part: Amazon’s only selling 5000 of these things (which can be pre-ordered at the moment for $90 here).

Now, I know most nerds wouldn’t consider ponying up $90 for an Enterprise statue no matter how much we liked the movie — I sure as well wouldn’t — but c’mon. This is Star Trek we’re talking about, and its generally adored reboot movie. You’re telling me Amazon thinks they can only sell 5000 of these things? Pshaw. Pshaw I say. And poppycock, too.

For a little perspective, those Masters of the Universe Classic toys that I love/hate are $30 each, and have a run greater than 15,000 — and sell out every time. Something tells me there just might be more Trek fans out there at the moment than MOTU lunatics. But that’s just a hunch. (Via /Film)