Here’s the Most Interesting Part of Thor If You Have No Interest in Seeing Thor


?Even if you don’t give a shit about Thor, if you’re reading Topless Robot, there’s a decent chance you’re interested in the rest of Marvel movie-verse being built in these movies (which, I failed to mention in my review yesterday, was much less intrusive in Thor than it was in Iron Man 2). So while this probably won’t be news to everyone who has seen the movie, if you haven’t here’s what you should know — a big deal was made of Odin’s treasure room, where Odin had several items of Marvel importance, but they’re only seen in the movie for a second. The Daily Blam has the breakdown at almost all of them here. I feel confident that Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet won’t be be a part of the Avengers movie, but if he and it show up in Avengers 2 or 3, I may die of joy the minute I hear about it. And assuming the rest of them show up in other Marvel movies — say, for instance, Dr. Strange — this means Odin has the worst treasure room security in the nine worlds. How does he lose all this shit?