Astromech Droids Can Do Anything


Carry plans for a Death Star? Check. Break into the Imperial mainframe? Check. Fly around with jets that will be conveniently forgotten for the original trilogy? Check. Act as an awesome gaming hub? Check and mate. Brian de Vitis rigged one of those old R2-D2 cooler into this multi-nerd-media entertainment system, which houses eight consoles and has a projector for displaying all of those games on the way. I recognize the NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Nintendo 64, GameCube, what’s either a PlayStation or PS2 (either way it plays PSX games), an Atari 7800 (with paddles, and which also plays Atari 2600 games) and one other on the far right I don’t recognize, although I’m sure you will. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip. (Via Engadget)