Bruce Campbell Talks Spider-Man 4, Spidey 3 Edited Down to 5 Seconds

Bruce Campbell says Spider-Man 4 will start filming in January, and that he’s going to have a major part. Whether this means he’s actually up for one of the villains — I think everyone agrees having him be Mysterio would be as awesome as it is brilliant — or he’s just going to play a role where he “defeats” Peter Parker again remains to be seen. I imagine it’s the latter, but man, the former would go a long way in getting the horrible taste of Spider-Man 3 out of my mouth.

Speaking of Spidey 3, someone has edited out the crap in the film to create the perfect cut… which ends up being about 5 seconds. Not a frame is wasted, and it says everything that the actual movie did in two hours. And still leaves a horrible taste of failure in your mouth. (Via /Film and Great White Snark