Crackdown 2 Reveals the Least Practical Grenade Ever

Goddammit. Apparently when I showed off that lackluster Crackdown 2 multiplayer gameplay video last week, there were four other far more interesting videos of the programmers giving GameTrailers a walkthrough of the game. This pisses me off, because that video sucked ass, and yet my love of Crackdown is so absolute that I ran it anyways. I toyed with the idea of not running this video in order to prove something to somebody, but that I saw the new mag grenade, which… well, I don’t want to spoil what you can do with it, except to say it’s hilariously violent if used improperly, which is of course all you’ll be using it for in Crackdown. The gas tanks are also a nice touch — although this video will be a total tease unless there’s some kind of cheat code that allows you to also generate as many of them as you want. You can find the other three Crackdown 2 walkthrough videos here, although none of them are nearly as wonderful as the one above.