DVD Day: September 29th, 2009


?? The Guild Seasons 1 & 2
Felicia Day’s hit webseries turned hit Xbox Live series about the trials and tribulations of an MMORPG guild is now available on one DVD set — one DVD per season, each over an hour long. Apparently the extras are good, although I have no idea what they are.

? Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Obviously, this is a bigger seller than The Guild. But you all are well aware this thing is coming out, and I figured The Guild could use the top spot of DVD Day more than Superman/Batman could. FYI, I just saw that this thing only runs 67 minutes. That seems short, doesn’t it?

? Labyrinth & The Dark Crystal
These aren’t one release; actually, they’re both coming out on Blu-ray. I’m listed them together because I came to a terrifying realization — that I’m disgusted by the not-quite-human muppets of The Dark Crystal, but I’d be genuinely excited to see David Bowie’s lil’ Goblin King in 1080p. This strikes me as worrisome.

? Ultraman: The Complete Series
This is the ’60s Japanese series, and right now, it’s 4 DVDs, 840 minutes of giant robot-vs.-giant rubber monster action, for $11. Seriously. It must be an error, so if you have any desire to watch Japanese men in rubber suits beat the shit out of each other, buy it now.

? Naruto Shippuden Vol. 1
Naruto’s all grown up and significantly less annoying. Whether that means anything to you is entirely your decision.

? He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Complete Series
This came out once before, but now all four DVDs and all 40 episodes are only $19. Confession time — although I carnally love the 2002 toys, I didn’t quite love the new cartoon enough to buy it (there were some great episodes, for sure, but overall I thought it was paced and plotted too much like the ’80s show — specifically, all of Skeletor’s minions were still retarded). However, I certainly liked it $19 worth, and will be buying it immediately after finishing DVD Day.

? Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa
I have never heard of this Muppet (certainly TV) movie, and after learning it stars Whoopi Goldberg, I wish I had stayed that way.

? The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection
And speaking of values, here’s 25 DVDs and all 147 episodes of the Real Ghosbusters cartoon series for less than $120. That’s absurd. I’m not a Real Ghostbusters fan, but I’m thinking of buying this just on principle.