Marvel’s Making Music Videos Now? The Hell?

Okay, see if you can wrap your head around this. In order to promote their Spider-Woman motion comic, currently available on iTunes, Marvel released a video to G4 yesterday featuring clips from the comic. Now, it wasn’t just any video, but a music video, using said Spider-Woman clips. That’s not the weird part; actually, I think I’ve discovered I like Marvel’s motion comics — probably anybody’s motion comics, actually — better as fodder for music videos than actual motion comics. Here’s the weird part: The music used in the video is actually called “Watch Your Step”… a.k.a. “Spider-Woman’s Theme”… by some guys named Dan Phillips and Anna Abbey… who are apparently part of the Marvel Music Group.

I hope I’m not alone in saying “The fuck?!” What the fuck is Marvel doing generating mediocre pop/rock? I don’t mind the song, actually, but I don’t understand who is currently employed at Marvel to make music, or more specifically, why. Wouldn’t it be better to, you know, ask to borrow one of the songs of one of the Marvel-loving bands Marvel interviews periodically? Marvel gets a little band name recognition, the band gets a little more exposure for their song? As opposed to trying to make faux Top 40 hits on their own?

Dan Phillips is a pseudonym for Joe Quesada’s brother or something, isn’t it? Have I exposed the mystery?