Predators Also Have 8th Grade English Class


?Warning: Spoilers for the upcoming Predator movie — titled, uh, Predators — ahead. You’ve been warned.

Maybe Predators have 7th grade English classes, or maybe its 9th. I don’t know. All I know is that they’ve also been forced to read Richard Connell’s famous short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” and have decided to adopt it as their own. Apparently, the upcoming Predators movie (written by Robert Rodriguez)  will be about a group of badass humans abducted and dropped off at a Predator hunting lodge/game reserve, where — surprise! — the Predators hunt the shit out of them.

Latino Review
says the script also has Predator falcons and Predator hunting dogs, which assuming they don’t look like tiny Predators but their own individual alien species could be cool. LR also says there’s some kind of super Predator, which they have dubbed” Black Super Predator,” which sounds kind of racist but makes me secretly hope its a Predator in a pimp outfit or something. If you want more details on the humans, I suggest heading over to /Film.