The Akira Movie Isn’t Not Dead Yet

It is very much the old man in over John Cleese’s back in Holy Grail who so desperately clings to life, despite there not having been any announcements about him for the last 8 months or so (I may be mixing my metaphors here; sorry). But there is Akira news, and it’s that Di Caprio’s Appian Way Productions has hired screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to turn in a script — in fact, that they might be turning it in very soon. This is not insignificant, because these are the guys who wrote not just the excellent Iron Man, but also the brilliant Children of Men. Could they turn in a genuinely good Akira re-make script? I honestly don’t see why not. Now, there’s still plenty of room for an Akira re-make to turn to shit between the choosing of a director and actors; plus, the movie could drop off the face of the Earth again. But this is the first genuinely good news I’ve ever heard not just about this movie, but about an American anime re-make movie. That’s newsworthy in and of itself. (Via Collider)