There Was More Brawl, and Nobody Told Me

Oh my god. Look, I know a lot of you are sick of the live-action Mario skits, but if any of you were reading Topless Robot back when I first featured “There Will Be Brawl” back last October, you know that “TWBB” is the exception. It has great writing. It has great performances. It has shockingly excellent production values. Frankly, if only one Mario skit series could exist, it should be “There Will Be Brawl.” And here I’ve been waiting like a jackass for episode 2, and only recently discovered that The Escapist picked it up and they’re now up to episode 7 (above) with one final episode left to go. I haven’t watched this most recent episode yet, so god only knows what happens but I know what I’m doing for the next hour or so. If you need to catch up like I do, the video archive is here.