Your September 25th Sci-Fi Double Feature

Did you know there’s two science fiction movies coming out next Friday? I didn’t. Well, I vaguely did — a few folks have sent me tips on The Surrogates, although I didn’t really have anything interesting to say. But I didn’t find out about Pandorum until I started watching TV again this week (thank you fall season). So what’s the deal?

The Surrogates is based on 5-issue Top Shelf comic about a future where everyone is living vicariously through more attractive robot version of themselves. But then the creator of these “surrogates” gets murdered, and FBI agent Bruce Willis has to investigate it. Despite Bruce Willis’ surrogate’s hilariously awful toupee, it is not supposed to be a comedy.

Meanwhile, Pandorum is one of those weird sci-fi horror flicks that seem to come out every few years without anyone ever knowing about them or remembering them. This features two guys who wake up on a spaceship with no memories and a lot of bad shit that apparently went down.

These both look like Netflixers to me, but I’m more intrigued by Pandorum — it’s a neat premise, although I’m afraid it’ll just end up with some silly aliens eating the crew. Still, better that than Bruce’s goddamn toupee. Still, I’m boggled that these are both getting released on the same day — non-franchise sci-fi movies have a hard enough time without trying to compete with each other. Seems like they’ll just split their audience in half and head immediately to DVD (which is good for me, but probably not for the movies). Thanks to everyone who sent me tips about these two movies which I totally ignored.