Proposal of the Living Dead

Recently married TR reader Noble Robinette emailed me with a request to give his new wife (and fellow TR reader) Claudia a belated wedding present — which is to share their tale on TR. Hell, I would have done it even if he hadn’t asked, because after a day — hell, a week — of horror and evil, I’m supremely pleased
to be able to bring everyone one video of nothing but awesome nerdery. Let me let Noble tell it in his own words:

This is the story of how I proposed…

Claudia had been
asking me to shoot a zombie movie for a while; she knew how much I
wanted to make one and since zombies are very close to my heart, I
wasn’t going to deny her. It was also around this same time when the
subject of marriage started sneaking its way into our conversations
more and more often…

Now she took some of the suspense out of
the moment by saying, almost verbatim, “I’ll say yes whenever you ask
me, just as long as the proposal kicks ass.” This is great news to
hear, no doubt, but it also adds a little pressure to the situation. So
I decided that the best bet was to add more pressure by not only
proposing, but shooting a zombie movie as well!

When I told
Claudia that I had written up the zombie movie, and that hopefully we
would start the production soon, she was very excited and immediately
wanted to know if she could be in it. I told her that she could play a
brief part as my zombie love interest if she wanted, which she did. But
she didn’t realize that the whole film was going to be about her…

the planning started…I sold my car to get some money for the movie
but more importantly for the ring…  Anyway,
fast-forward a few months and now there is a crew of around 20 people
that all know what’s going to go down, even her sister Stephanie who is
in the movie playing the girl who tries to steal my ring; everybody
knew but Claudia. She was in make-up for most of the shoot, so she
didn’t see most of what went on…she only got called in for her scenes
at the end. …

And of course…the most important part…SHE SAID YES! So now I have the rest of my life to look forward to also.

Here’s the four-minute zombie movie, followed by the actual proposal. Its wonderfulness even makes up for Jabba-face.

That’s fantastic beyond all words, you two — just fantastic. By the powers of Grayskull invested in me by my deranged love of Masters of the Universe, I now pronounce you nerd and nerd — my utmost congratulations to the both of you. Let it be recognized that Noble is awesome for his amazing efforts, and
Claudia is likewise awesome for accepting a marraige proposal by a
zombie while also dressed as a zombie. Your love gives hope to nerds everywhere. Well, maybe not the ones who write about sodomizing the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal, but most of ’em. Everyone wish them well!