Stranded Darth Vader Rescued on British Highway

One thing I’ve always wondered is where Vader went after he was knocked out of the Death Star trench in Star Wars. Now I know, thanks to a tip from David Torr — the M1 highway in England. From the BBC:

Dave Prowse, who plays Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, was saved by the Highways Agency motorway rescue force.

He was standing behind a barrier, intimidated by the speed of passing traffic when help arrived.

The force helped him get to a Star Wars group’s reunion at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

“Then, at the weekend I was due to attend a reunion of the 501st UK
Garrison, which is a Star Wars costumed charitable organisation, at the
National Space Centre in Leicester and needed the car.

“I’m the
Commander in Chief Worldwide so it was really important I that I was
there, and when I broke down my boot was full of memorabilia and

While assisting Dave, who lives in Croydon, the traffic officers
realised who he was and also the unusual history of his Mercedes car.

“The car was previously owned by my good friend Kenny Baker who was R2D2,” said Dave.

“He used to keep a little ladder inside the boot so he could climb up and put his suitcases inside.”

Obviously, it’s cool/funny/weird that PROWSE had his car break down on the highway, but what blows my mind is that the car Prowse was driving used to be owned by Kenny Baker. Kenny Baker is 3 feet, 8 inches. David Prowse is 6 feet, 5 inches tall. That one car, no matter how it’s been modified, could ever fit both men astounds me.