Taunt Yourself with the Flash Game That Ain’t Happenin’

This video of a Flash game — and I should clarify that as “the very fast DC superhero,” not the crappy web application — is making the rounds and making people cry. Here’s the deal: Apparently Brash Entertainment was making the game and got six months into it before the company closed. Now, DC never announced a Brash deal, leading some to suspect this video is a fake, but I think it’s real, if only because it seems an elaborate amount of work to be otherwise.

Either way, it’s a pretty cool game. The gamemakers matched a decent sense of The Flash’s speed with a wide-open city for him to run around in, thus solving what Sega couldn’t ever figure out with Sonic the Hedgehog. The combat seems to revolve around buttons matched to enemies, which I think is a smart, easy way to allow the players to replicate the Flash’s speed during fights. And then there’s collectible shit hidden around the city, and everyone likes that.

My only question is: if this is real, why doesn’t DC pay for the materials so far and see if another game company is interested? I mean, this looks pretty good for a very early build — I’d think it’d be pretty easy for someone take over, and surely there’s more than a few companies that would love to work on a DC game. But maybe the Flash’s fate is just to die a lot. Thanks to Will C for the tip. (Via