The New Avatar Trailer Is Longer, Darker, Uh… Something-er

Would you like to see the new Avatar trailer with all its glorious CG effectively neutralized? Buddy, do I have a scoop for you! Here’s the bootlegged version of the new Avatar trailer, which debuts in theaters today and is due on the internet a week later (because waiting to post things to the internet is always a good idea and always works). Even I’m having a hard time judging this thing, because it’s shaky and dark and it’s difficult to make anything out — and since Avatar is 99% about its CG wankery, all that’s left is a fuzzy Thundercats/Captain Planet mash-up. So I’ll reserve judgment until I can see James Cameron’s fuzzy blue gelflings in HD, the way Jesus intended, and I’ll post the real trailer when it goes up next Friday (snicker). (Via WWTDD)