TR Contest: Best Crossover Fictional Couples

love bear o.jpg

?The wonderful romance of Noble and Claudia has put me in a good mood (for once) and love is in the air here at Topless Robot HQ, much like scotch is in my liver. So I’m sure I’ll regret this by Monday, but I thought I’d spread the love by asking you all to think of your best character couples — but only from separate series.

Get it? Not Han Solo and Leia, since they’re together in Star Wars. But perhaps Leia and Captain Mal from Firefly (I strongly suspect Leia has a type). Not He-Man and Teela, even though they they didn’t have sex (ON SCREEN), but maybe Teela and Captain America. I don’t know. They just have to be from separate series, and that includes all spin-offs — no cheating by trying to pair characters from Doctor Who and Torchwood, you goddamn Who-oligans.

This is open to cartoon, videogame, comic, TV, and movie characters, as long as they’re fictional. You can enter twicebut only twice. Right now I’m thinking I’ll give out two shirts, one to the couple that makes the most sense and that’s the funniest, but I reserve the right to change my mind after seeing the entries. The contest ends at 12:01 Monday the 19th EST, or one minute after the new Venture Bros. episode starts. You guys have a great weekend, and try to spread the love yourselves — even if it’s to a Skeksis. I might recommend saying something nice about how they look rather than biting off the penis of their sworn enemy, but it’s your call.