In Space No One Can Hear E.T. Scream

As you’ve probably noticed, Rob is off today. He’ll be back tomorrow with more Fan Fiction Friday depravity, but it is worth noting that I also share Mr. Bricken’s disdain for a certain Coors-swilling, Reese’s Pieces-devouring extraterrestrial. Which is why the above Aliens spoof from a 1986 episode of Saturday Night Live in which E.T. gets ruthlessly murdered is so satisfying. The only downside to this clip is that his death isn’t filmed in soft focus slow-motion while Neil Diamond croons “Heartlight” on the soundtrack. Seriously, screw Ripley Scott and Damon Lindelof’s prequel and the ant-sized aliens and secreting nipples that are rumored to be featured in it and give me this Alien flick instead. It would finally put an end to the long national nightmare started by the shitty space botanist.