Um… Turtle Power?

Noble and steadfast TR reader Wyatt found a clip of Turtles Forever — that crazy ’80s Turtles-meets-’00s Turtles movie celebrating TMNT‘s 25th anniversary — and… well. I guess I wasn’t expecting the ’00s Turtles to be so bewildered by the goofiness of the ’80s Turtles world, but it’s a nice touch. I also wasn’t expecting ’80s April O’ Neil to have such a massive rack either, but it could also be considered a nice touch. However, I was expecting the ’80s Turtles to sound nothing like the ’80s Turtles, since the original voice actors were supposedly “unavailable” and this is 4Kids we’re talking about. Michelangelo’s fine, but I haven’t seen the ’80s TMNT since the ’80s, and even I know that Leonardo sounded nothing like that.