Devastator with More Style, Less Testicles


Looks like Japan is going to offer a G1-colored TF:ROTF Devastator toy, and, while I’ll never buy anything directly related to the film, I thought this was interesting enough to post. Mostly because while I think he looks much better than how Devastator looked in the original, even I know that’s because I began my Transformers life with G1 and not any sense of reality. I mean, he’s purple and yellow — there’s no way I could think that looks better then the original’s more muted (if not entirely realistic) tones other than my nerdy proclivities, right? Is it even possible that the original G1 color scheme genuinely looks better, despite how garish it is? ROTF fans — or at least non-G1 fans — I am 100% ready to believe that I’m wrong here, just tell me. But if you prefer the yellow and purple as well, I think you should fess up. (Famitoy via Seibertron)