DVD Day: November 24th, 2009


?Not much out nerdy today, despite Black Friday looming. It’s mostly shitty mainstream Christmas movies, so feel free to take the week off, except for possibly these:

? Superman: The Complete Animated Series
The actually-pretty-darned great Superman cartoon (Gilbert Gottfried as Mr. Mxyzptlk? Genius) for only $37. Unfortunately, it’s apparently on seven double-sided DVDs which are easily scratched. You’ve been warned.

? Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
I hate listing things as mainstream as Disney, but then I know some of you are crazy Disney nerds, so this listing is for you. Enjoy.

? Ghost in the Shell 2.0
I’m not actually a fan of the original GitS, but its many deserve better than this Blu-ray — apparently some shitty CG has been shoehorned into several scenes, and many of the bonus features listed on the back are outright missing. Sheesh.

? The Monster Squad
On Blu-ray for $13. Finally, you can see the Wolfman’s nards in the highest definition.

? Cujo 25th Anniversary Edition
On Blu-ray. I don’t like dogs. Then I read Cujo in seventh grade. Now I really don’t like dogs.

? FarCry
As threatened.