Fan Fiction Friday: Kirby Returns in “Pie in the Sky”


?During the beloved FFF classic “Of Strawberries and Marshmellows,” we laughed and learned with Kirby — the large pink sphere with a mouth, and star of many a Nintendo game — as he had rough sex with Princess Ribbon and swallowed pretty much all of her bodily fluids.

Well, I’m ever so grateful to TR reader Max Power for informing me of “Pie in the Sky,” a brand new sequel to “Of Strawberries and Marshmellows,” written by the same author, sonicmaster5000! It’s short — and involves no pooping or peeing, alas — but I knew that there would be no better stories to kick off the new era of Topless Robot that another lesson from the virile, gorgeous hunk of a fuckball that is Kirby. Hit the jump and open wide, my friends.

Kirby one day inside his house in Dreamland he was happily watching TV when all of a sudden someone knocked on his door.
Kirby: Who is it?
Mailman: You got mail Kirby.
Kirby: Who is it from?
Mailman: Ribbon
Kirby immediately blushed as he still remembers the moment Ribbon
kissed him at a ceremony following the defeat of Dark Matter and 02. He
finds that the mail was a letter with a picture of a slice of apple
pie. He immediately reads it.

Seems like cherry pie would have been more apt, but hey, I’m
not the amorphous blob sex expert. Also, given what Kirby has done and had done to him in the
past, should he really blush at the idea of kissing Ribbon? She shat in his
mouth, for fuck’s sake. But again, I’m hardly the expert.

Dear Kirby,
I have been thinking about you a lot since I kissed you. I really think
we can get together again sometime and even have a permanent
relationship with each other. I do have a huge surprise for you. I’m
actually on Popstar right now. If you want to see me please follow a
trail of food that I told the mailman to leave behind. We are going to
have some fun with each other. See you then.
Yours truly,
Kirby then goes outside to find all sorts of food along a trail. He
follows it eating everything along the way. As soon as he knows it he
reaches at the end of the trail and sees Ribbon. She was lying on her
back and she has strategically placed whipped cream on her body. He
sees her pussy and it reminds him of the picture of the pie.

I love the idea that genitalia reminds him of food, rather than the other way around. “Her breasts were like melons, which made him wish he’d had a smoothie for breakfast.”

He starts
to lick the cream off her as she moans with every lick.
Kirby: All gone!
Ribbon: You missed a spot

Kirby! You’re slipping, man!

Kirby gives her one full body lick with his tongue wide and begins to
concentrate on her pussy. So he’s eating her out, and she can barely
contain herself rubbing on Kirby and herself.
Ribbon: I want you in my mouth!
Kirby makes his way towards her mouth, but not stopping eating her.
Ribbon: Tastes good, huh?
Kirby: mm hmmm
She see’s Kirby’s fat cock and instantly falls in love with it and they
69 with Kirby on top. Kirby squeals out of enjoyment and pops off in
Ribbon’s mouth.

I remember when I fell in love with my first fat cock. I asked it to go to the school dance with me, and it said no! I was so heartbroken I wanted to die.

Kirby: *pant pant* sawwy
Ribbon gobbles it all up.
Ribbon: This tastes so good Kirby (with cum on her face)

Then she didn’t gobble it all up, did she? Sloppy. Writing, that is.

Kirby: It does?
Kirby comes around and licks the cum off her face.

toht face melting.jpg?

While doing so, he put his dick in her without even noticing.


They both
give out a moan. He begins to thrust, both panting. Kirby buries his
face in her chest not knowing where else to but it, instinct starts to
lick, bite, and kiss her nipples. He begins to thrust harder.
Ribbon: Do it again like my mouth. Kirby remembers how her mouth felt
and cums again inside her both scream with pleasure. Kirby exhausted
starts to stumble backwards. His dick dropping out from her pussy and
sees his handy work.
Kirby: PIE!
Kirby immediately sees her cream pie and eats it out.
Ribbon: How is it, Kirby?
Kirby wants to share, so he snowballs her.

What? Is this anything like Ice Kirby?
Can it be? *sobs*

Ribbon is totally surprised.


She wraps her hands around him and leans forward. Kirby falls back and
is now laying down. Ribbon makes her way towards his throbbing dick and
sucks him to a rock solid erect state. Kirby twitches from the
sensation. She abruptly stops. Ribbon climbs on Kirby and sticks his
pink puffed dick in her.

Man, just when you think the story can’t get any sexier, sonicmaster5000 busts out a phrase like “pink puffed dick.”

She again surprised squeals. They both start
to move. Kirby places his little pink hands on her tits. Ribbon begins
to slam against him harder and again abruptly stops. She then grabs and
slams his hands against the floor. Looking at him with a stare of
desire only a primal instinct can make. Ribbon proceeds to rotate while
Kirby’s still inside her and with her back facing Kirby, Ribbon
proceeds to slam her ass against him. Kirby starts to inhale without
knowing it from the sensation and Ribbon begins to flap her wings.


become slightly air born.


The feeling of the sex and levitation makes
them both explode with pleasure. They hit the ground with a small bump
(little stars pop out) and they lay there in their sex. She slowly
drags herself around to Kirby again. As they make out, they dose off.

Well. A pink blob ate his own semen and then fucked a videogame character who looks like a three-year-old so hard they achieved VTOL. I announce the new era of Topless Robot officially… begun.