FYI: No Heroes, No Bricken, No Foolin’ Around


?Hey, guys. I have two announcements, the first of which is that due to incredibly poor planning on my part, there will be no Heroes live-blog tonight. You have my apologies, but in all honesty, my liver and soul needed a break anyways. Please feel free to use this article’s comments to discuss and hate and tell me how long the rainbow-shooting cello solo goes on for.

The second announcement is that while I’m traveling tomorrow, Topless Robot will be run by frequent Daily List contributor Chris “Bionic Bigfoot” Cummins (pictured above). It’s the first time I’m having a guest writer, but I have no doubt you’ll be in capable hands, since Chris sends me half my tips anyways (although I bet you’ll miss my constant typos). I’ll be back on Wednesday morning, assuming you knuckleknobs haven’t set the blog on fire, and the Heroes live-blog will resume next Monday on the 16th. Now, you kids be good for Chris, go to bed when he tells you, and try not to tell him he sucks Joss Whedon’s penis if you can avoid it. Xoxo, Rob