Gentle Giant Plays Pimp My Astromech


Star Wars revealed Gentle Giant’s newest statue, due next spring, to be R2-D2 with all the bells and whistles. And when I say bells and whistles, I mean saws and lightsabers and shit. This fully-loaded, 7-inch Artoo statue has 8 accessories for you to attach or not attach, including:

? The mechanical gripper he uses to wrestle Yoda for snacks
? The periscope scanner he uses to navigate through Dabobah’s swamp
? The interface thing he uses to hack into every computer and ship in the galaxy
? That other radar he uses to look for Luke and Han on Hoth
? The saw he cuts Leia’s chains with on Jabba’s sail barge
? The electric shocker he tases Yoda with (which is kind of badass, actually)
? Luke’s ROTJ lightsaber
? Something else

Pretty sweet, right? And telling that there’s no jet attachments. Frankly, I probably would’ve paid full price for this thing just for holding Luke’s lightsaber, the event that blew my 6-year-old mind almost as much as Vader’s parental reveal. Seriously, if I could have a droid, all I would want it to do would be to fire lightsabers at me upon request. (Via Geeks of Doom)