Heroes Can’t Even Fire People Right


?A few weeks ago, the news that someone has been let go from Heroes — and that this actor only found out from reading the script, always the classiest way to fire an actor — leaked to the entertainment gossip columnist. Now, ex-sister blog Deadline Hollywood Daily reveals who that was — Adrian Pasdar, a.k.a. Nathan Petrelli, a.k.a. the guy who died in the last episode of season 3. In that episode, Parkman forced Nathan’s mind into the transformable Sylar, thus making a fake Nathan, who was seen in maybe the first two episodes and that’s it (it also led to Heroes’ most/only entertaining storyline this season, of Parkman and the Imaginary Sylar in his head). He’s been gone for the last four as Sylar’s been Sylar. And Nathan’s dead.

So. They fired the dead guy. Huh.

Maybe it’s my fault for assuming that behind-the-scenes of Heroes would have to be more interesting than what’s on the screen. Still, if you’ve seen Profit, you know that Adrian Pasdar was likely the best actor on Heroes, and tragically given the least to do. Virtually any good TV series would be lucky to have him, so I hope that he lands on his feet soon. Meanwhile, Zachary Quinto is desperately trying to figure out how he can get himself fired.