I Now Pronounce You Nintendo DS Game and Freak

Remember when I told you that some crazy nerd from Guam was marrying his girlfriend in Japan? Although this was complicated slightly by the fact that the “girlfriend” was in fact a character from the Nintendo DS girlfriend sim Love Plus? Well, in case this whole thing wasn’t disturbing enough, here’s the wedding video courtesy of Lisa Katayama (who runs TokyoMango, a frequent Super Terrific Japanese Thing supplier) and Boing Boing. I’m not going to defend this knuckleknob, but Katayama says that the “marriage” is partially a performance art piece which, if true, is far more admirable than actually marrying a videogame. But I’m not 100% certain that it’s true. Also, the fact that this dude says he’ll do anything for his new “bride” enrages me. When all that constitutes is changing the batteries once in a while wiping off the DS’ dual screens after he humps it it’s pretty easy to be a good husband.