Suddenly, Marrying a Real Doll Seems Kind of Reasonable


?At least in comparison to one dude, who — just yesterday — married his virtual girlfriend from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus dating sim in Guam. Now, Love Plus is admittedly more like an actual girlfriend sim, because once you select and successfully “woo” one of the characters, you actually go steady in the sense the player can talk to the girl, study with her, and get to virtual second base (I believe; I refuse to delve too far into this). That’s the lucky bride, Nene, up above. Neither of these things excuses this lunatic from sending out wedding invitations and holding a reception in Japan in a few days.

I don’t really want to get into the gay marriage debate here on TR — there are much better places for that sort of thing — but I do think that if homosexuals can’t legally marry actual human beings, then people should also not be allowed to marry a fucking Nintendo DS game character. I would say the latter harms the integrity of marriage far, far more than the former. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.