James Cameron’s Avatar Cost $500 Mil

Remember how everyone freaked out when James Cameron spent $200 million making Titanic, which was then by far the most expensive movie in the world? And nowadays most of the big summer movies cost around $200 mil? Well, Cameron must have hated being out of the record books, because the New York Times is reporting that Avatar — which is, as we all know, Captain Planet with cats — cost $500 million dollars. Half a fucking billion. For this:


Somehow, the NYT figures that Avatar will make a profit if it makes $250 mil in ticket sales (not sure how that works, but apparently it’s something to do with the investing of the movie), which both Star Trek and The Hangover did. So it’s not impossible, but since we nerds thinks the movie looks goofy as all hell, I can’t imagine that normal folks think any different. The 3-D better be pretty fucking outstanding, because most people are going to buy tickets in spite of the blue furries, not because of them.