Smallville Shuts Me the Hell Up

I’ve certainly done more than my fair share of poking fun at Smallville, most recently for the Hawkman outfit that looked like an elaborate Halloween costume (I stand by my assertion that it looks out of place in the Smallville universe, but remain open to the reader suggestion that’s intentional). But I’m going to shut up now, because the CW just released the above teaser for the JSA “movie” event, and darned if it’s not awesome. I didn’t see Stargirl or Hawkman, who are confirmed, but there’s a quick look at Dr. Fate and two guys we didn’t know would be appearing — Green Lantern and the Golden Age Sandman (assumably the Green Lantern is Alan Scott). Sure, it’s only a 20 second teaser, and by no means indicative of the two episodes, but it looks really fucking cool, and I very much want to acknowledge that.

While we’re on the subject, who wants a live-blog of these two episodes on January 29th? I haven’t watched Smallville since the episode where Clark discovered there was a secret drift racing league in his tiny midwestern town, but I figure you guys could school me as we went along. Let me know in the comments.